Fory Armin Naway
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Bubohu Bongo village of Batudaa Pantai Sub-district, Gorontalo regency is one of the cultural tourism destinations in Gorontalo province. This village has held Walimah festival for a long time to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. One of the social problems is that the young people of Gorontalo have begun to forget their cultural values and traditions. Hence, they tend to feel apathy toward the local wisdoms behind the cultural events and the history of the region. Therefore, those local wisdom values, especially related to Bubohu Bongo cultural village need to be explored and developed as cultural tourism site. This article aims at studying the local wisdom values of Bubohu Bongo cultural site through folklore approach. The data were collected through field survey and interview; and were analyzed descriptively. This study reveals that Bubohu is a religious village where its people live harmoniously in strong cultural values and practices. It also reveals that the local wisdom in this village is reflected through the ingredients of kolombengi cake. The flour represented the religiousness and purity. Meanwhile the sugar reflected the humble and friendly people of Bongo, and the eggs represented the glue that philosophically portrayed the Bongo people as those who uphold their Islamic-based cultural values. The people of Bubohu Bongo village uphold the following manners when visiting a religious tourism village of Bubohu: 1) express greetings, 2) wear appropriate and polite clothes, 3) not committing any types of misdeed, 4) not violating the customs and observed values, and 5) maintain cleanliness. The local wisdom values are upheld by the people of Bubohu Bongo as part of their efforts to develop the tourism in Bubohu Bongo village of Gorontalo regency. Keywords: folklore, local wisdom, religiousness
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