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The aims of this study was to develop the draft of textbook for teaching used in Junior High Schools in Gorontalo Province to improve the quality of students’ National Examination Grades. This research was designed to (1) to describe the syllabus of learning at Junior High Schools in Gorontalo Province, (2) to describe the topics of Bahasa learning materials, and (3) to develop a draft text book for Bahasa subject for Junior High Schools in the province of Gorontalo. The developmental design method R2D2 was employed in this research with using three steps, namely; definition, design and development. The implementation was carried out in two stages of namely, development stage and effectiveness test stage. The development stage was composed of designing and developing the syllabus and the teaching materials/resources. The effectiveness test was carried out by a group of relevant experts. Therefore, the sources of data in this research were practitioners (teachers) and expert teams (lecturers) of Bahasa’s curriculum and text book. The data were analyzed using the domain analysis. The data from the practitioners and experts team of developed product were qualitative data. The domain analysis consists of the format, content, material organization, and language aspect. The product of this research were: (1) the syllabus of Bahasa’s learning for grade VII of junior high school based on the 2013 curriculum,, (2) topics of learning materials on Bahasa’s subject based on the developed syllabus, and (3) a high qualified and practical draft of Bahasa text book for grade VII of Junior High School in the Province of Gorontalo
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