Tirtawaty Abdul
- Sains
In the course of learning courses in the Department of Physics, still found a lack of readiness of students attend lectures, course management with information and discussion methods generally still tend to lead to the provision of information, so that learning is still dominated by the lecturer. On learning this, the idea of beginning college students is relatively less explored and considered, students tend to be passive, self-motivation of students to learn less, and the sharing of knowledge among students less facilitated. Though this course, it is very important for students in the Faculty of Science, where as a student teacher candidates should feel meaningful learning, all the more so for the course of science and learning provide skills to students as prospective teacher. This research aims to develop research-based learning model in the course of learning in the Faculty of Science of Gorontalo using 4-D Model (four D Model) developed by Thiagarajan (1974) which consists of four stages, namely: (1) definition (define ), (2) planning (design), (3) development (develop) (4) disseminate. The method used in this research is quantitative descriptive method. This study begins with the definition phase, the planning, development i.e. validation experts, revisions, and test one at the Department of Physical Education, the revision of the results of tests 1 and implementation models around existing courses in the Department of Physics. The results showed that the learning device composed by applying research-based learning model for Teaching and Learning course which consists of the Syllabus, SAP, Instructional Materials, MFI, Test Results Learning, valid based on the validation of three people validator, so the device is worth learning to use in the process of learning, especially learning courses on subjects teaching and learning. Keywords: Learning tool, based learning research, and learning and learning
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