Miftahul Khair Kadim
- Perikanan
Phytoplankton has an important role in coastal ecosystems due to its ability to process photosynthesis as the base of producer for the aquatic food chain. The purpose of this study is to determine the spatial and seasonal distribution pattern of phytoplankton in Gorontalo Bay, Indonesia. The samples were taken from 5 sampling sites in the Gorontalo Bay, Indonesia in three different seasons: west monsoon season (in May), transition season (in June) and east monsoon season (in July). The results showed that ecological dynamics in the Gorontalo Bay was indicated by the various physics and chemical characteristics of waters spatially and seasonally. Based on the abundance of phytoplankton in the waters during the study, the east monsoon season was the most productive time in the Gorontalo Bay with an average of number of phytoplankton of 673026 cells L-1 followed by transition and west monsoon season with the average counts of phytoplankton of 352704 and 3839 cells L-1 respectively. Spatially, the highest abundance of phytoplankton was found in the station 3 with an average of 9891 cell L-1, followed by station 4 with an average of 8770 cell L-1, station 1 with an average of 7493 cell L-1, station 2 with an average of 6343 cell L-1, and, finally, station 5 with the average of 2651 cell L-1. Key Words: monsoon season, phytoplankton distribution, Gorontalo Bay.
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