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Food sources are very important for human survival, but nowadays there are often limited food resources, and even this scarcity causes a lack of food resources in Indonesia, including in Gorontalo province. Based on this the local government policy, by simultaneously implementing the decentralization process, must be able to realize the Village independent program, through empowering farmers in realizing food security for their communities. Based on the problems above, the purpose of this study is ; to implement the policies that have been set in strengthening food security, which need to be taken by the government in realizing the food self-reliance village program in 6 coastal villages, consisting of; village, Totopo, Juriya, Ilomata, Bilato, Pelehu and Taulaa, Bilato sub-district Gorontalo Regency Gorontalo Province. This study uses a survey method with a quantitative descriptive research approach, the data of which is obtained through primary data processed from observational data, interviews and questionnaires, and uses a SWOT analysis, to look at opportunities, challenges, obstacles, and threats for the Implementation of Government Policy in Realizing Programs Food Self Village in the Coastal Region of Gorontalo Regency, Gorontalo Province. The population of this study are: A number of villages in Gorontalo Province, with a Coastal Area Research Sample in Bilato District, Gorontalo Regency, consisting of 6 villages, namely: Desa, Totopo, Juriya, Ilomata, Bilato, Pelehu and Taulaa. The results of this study are; Optimizing the Implementation of Policies for increasing food security in Bilato District, Gorontalo Regency, through the Participatory Grand Design of the independent community. Keywords: Implementation of the Government Policy. Food Self-Reliance Village. Coastal Region. Era of Disruption
International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence (IRATDE)
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