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To the effect this research is know naungan's influence and varietas and interaction to growth and chili plant result(Capsicum Annum l ). Research is done at Hulawa's Village Regency Lake district Gorontalo since month of July 2013 until with december 2013. Research utilizes agglomerate random design one consisting of 2 factors which is factor are naungan first with 3 levels namely, without naungan, naungan paranet 45 %, naungan is coconut leaf. Second factor namely varietas with 2 levels namely varietas Malita FM and varietas Lado is F1. Base applications affecting research naungan and varietas to growth and chili plant result is: 1. Varietas V2 (Lado is F1) get contribution on observing tall plant starts from 1MST until 7MST, wight numbers 26.67 perpetak's gram and production 133.33 grams. Meanwhile Varietas V1 (Malita FM) get contribution at the age flowering namely 64.31 and Total numbers 26.24. 2. Naungan N1 (Naungan Paranet) get contribution on observing wight numbers 26.50 grams, total numbers 19.77 and Perpetak's Productions 132.50. Meanwhile Naungan N2 (Naungan is coconut Leaf) get contribution on observing tall plant from 1MST until with plant high 7MST and berbungan's age namely 59.20. 3. Conduct combine that gives to best usufruct on plants tall watch namely N2V2'S conduct combine, while to usufruct the best one for perpetak's fruit and production wight is on N1V2'S conduct, flowering aged watch yielding best on N2V1'S conduct and fruit amount usufructs best on N1V1'S conduct Keywords: Naungan Paranet, Varietas Malita FM's chili, Varietas Lado is F1.
Jurnal Agroteknotropika Vol 4 No. 3 Desember 2015
Hasan Datau, Nikmah Musa, Wawan Pembengo
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