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This research was conducted in May-September 2019. This study aimed to examine ecological parameters as a basis for the management of bivalves in seagrass ecosystems. The method used in determining the observation point is the quadratic linear transect method with a systematic perpendicular direction using a 1x1 m transect. All bivalves found in transects / quadrants are counted and identified. The sampling locations were divided into 4 (four) stations, namely Station I representing Otiola Village, Station II representing Ponelo Village, Station III representing Malambe Village, and Station IV representing Tihengo Village. Observations at the study site found several types of seagrass ecosystems including Enhalus acoroides, Halodule pinifolia, Thalassia hemprichii, and Cymodocea raotundata. Furthermore, 8 (eight) types of bivalves were found which were divided into 4 (four) stations namely Isognomon isognomum, Pinna muricata, Semele crenulata, Tellina virgata, Trachycardium subrugosum, Spondylus tenellus, Tapes sulcarius, Anadara pilula. The highest abundance index is Tellina virgata found at station I with a value of 77.78%. Dominance index for the highest at station II with a value of 0.88 in the high category. Diversity index (D ') with a value of 0.63 is in the medium category III station. The results of measurements of water quality parameters contained in each station are Station I has a temperature of 300C, 31 ppt salinity, pH 7, brightness 2.1 m/%, sandy substrate conditions. Station II has a temperature of 290C, salinity 30 ppt, pH 7.4, brightness 2.0 m/%, sandy substrate conditions. Station III has a temperature of 290C, salinity 35 ppt, pH 7.4, brightness 2.5 m/%, sandy substrate conditions. Station IV has a temperature of 280C, salinity 35 ppt, pH 7, brightness 2.7 m/%, sandy substrate conditions. Water quality parameters in Ponelo Kepulauan District is said to be still normal for bivalve life and is still above the water quality standard.
Jurnal Sumberdaya Akuatik Indopasifik, Vol. 3 No. 2 November 2019,
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