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Abstract: This study aims to find out how much influence the Placement of Work on Performance of employees in the Research and Development Board of Derah Gorontalo Province. The method used in this research is quantitative method. Data analysis technique used in this research is simple linier regression analysis by taking sample as much 72 respondents. Based on the results of hypothesis testing shows equation ? = 40.648 + 0.452X which has tested its significance at the level of significance of ? = 0,5% (0,05). This shows a constant value of 40,648 states that if there is no variable placement (X) then the value of employee performance variable (Y) of 40.648 and regression coefficient value of 0.452 with the assumption of other independent variables kosntan.dari result of hypothesis test note that the value of t Count 3.459 while the value of t table at ? = 0.05 ie 1.294 so 3.459> 1.294 or in other words t Count> t table then H0 rejected and H1 accepted means there is a relationship between job placement with employee performance. can also be seen in mmary table with R square value 146 X 100% = 14, 6%. Meanwhile, if seen in table anova with significant value 0.001 1.294 atau dengan kata lain maka H0 ditolak dan H1 diterima artinya terdapat hubungan antara penempatan kerja dengan kinerja pegawai. dapat dilihat juga pada tabel Summary dengan nilai R square 146 X 100% = 14, 6 %. Sementara jika dilihat pada tabel anova dengan nilai signifikan 0,001 < 0.05 maka H0 ditolak dan H1 diterima. Dari hasil penelitian dapat disimpulkan bahwa penempatan kerja berpengaruh terhadap kinerja pegawai pada Badan Perencanaan Pengembangan Dan Penelitian Daerah Provinsi Gorontalo.
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