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Increase national maize production has not been followed by an increase in maize productivity per unit area because maize was grown on land that was not suitable with these land quality. This study aims to determine the land quality that control of local maize production. This research was conducted at the Gorontalo Regency. A total of 33 mapping units had been established containing data of soil properties, climate and terrain divided into land quality, as well as data of local maize production. A partial least square of structural equation models (PLS-SEM) analysis was used to determine the land quality and characteristics that control of local maize production through testing the validity and reliability of variables, as well as testing structural models. The results showed that the all manifest variables were valid and able to explain well the latent variables, except for texture, cation exchange capacity, and base saturation. Furthermore, the latent variables temperature, water availability, oxygen availability, nutrient retention, nutrients availability, sodicity, erosion hazard, flood hazard, and land preparation used has good composite reliability and high reliability because of the composite reliability and alpha cronbach >0.6, except for rooting media. Land quality that control of the local maize production were the oxygen availability (X1), rooting media (X2), nutrient retention (X3), nutrients availability (X4), erosion hazard (X5), and land preparation (X6) with the best equation: Y = 1.805 + 0.276X1 + 0.303X2 + 0.353X3 + 0.346X4 - 0.337X5 - 0.303X6. The land characteristics that control of the local maize production were drainage (X1), coarse material (X2), effective depth (X3), pH KCl (X4), C-organic (X5), total N (X6), available K (X7), slope (X8), soil erosion (X9), surface rock (X10) and rock outcrop (X11) with the best equation: Y = 2.447 + 0.187X1 - 0.212X2 + 0.153X3 + 0.349X4 + 0.166X5 + 0.169X6 + 0.313X7 - 0.352X8 - 0.230X9 - 0.237X10 - 0.187X11.
the International Seminar on Promoting Local Resources for Sustainable Agriculture and Development (ISPLRSAD 2020), Atlantis Press, Terindeks Web of Science (WOS)
Nurdin, Mochtar Lutfi Rayes, Soemarno, Sudarto
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