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Malaria is an incfectious disease caused by parasit of genus plasmodium, it is infected to human through bite of female anopheles mosquito and it cannot transmitted to other people directly. Determination of malaria endemicity level in Gorontalo area is done based on Annual Malaria Incidence (AMI) and Annual Parasite Incidence (API) size. AMI percentage of malaria patients in Gorontalo provinsi particularly in District of Gorontalo Utara is 9,3% and its API is 1,54%. Based on standard, this distric is in medium level of endemicity. This research aims to analysis factors related to malaria incidents at elementary school students. This is an observational analytical research with cross sectional study design. Research samples are 105 student from age 7-12 years at SDN 5 Sumalata Timur. Independent variabels are level of parents education, mosquito net use habit and condition of house circumstance. Research date are analyzed by chi-square statistics test with significance of 95% (? = 0,05). Research finding reveals that based on chi-square test, it shows that there is significant correlation between level of parents Education (?2=8,409 p value=0,006), mosquito net use habit (?2=20,114 p value=0,000) and condition of house circumstance (?2=24,563 p value=0,000) with malaria incident, Thus it is suggested to do socialization about malaria incident by using media that is easy to be understood by society particularly those who are with low level of education as well as improve society empowerment in preventing and controlling vectors with keep the cleanliness of environment and healthy life behavior. Keyword: Malaria, level of parents education, mosquito net use habit and condition of house circumstance
ISPHE Proceedings, ISBN 978-602-6204-25-7
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