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Chili is a leading commodity in Boalemo Regency, Gorontalo Province endorsed by local government through Gemar Malita program. Chili agribusiness development in this region is still at the farm subsystem stage, but its development has comparative and competitive advantages. Financially, chili development was more profitable and had higher competitiveness than maize and rice with the values of R/C and B/C of chili were 2.15 and 1.87, respectively, higher than those of both commodities. In addition, chili is a main commodity in Tilamuta, Botumoito, Wonosari, and Paguyaman Pantai subdistricts. Chili was commonly cultivated in Inceptisols, Alfisols, Mollisols, and Entisols. However, this land had generally been used for other commodities or converted to nonagricultural use. Dry climate and low to medium soil fertility are limiting factors for chili development in this area. Efforts and strategies that can be taken consist of application of soil and water conservation, crop intensification and diversification, development of local wisdom, agricultural extension service, provision of incentive, and empower rural and agricultural extension institutions. Another important aspect is the development of partnerships with private parties through nucleus plasma partnership, contract farming, sub-contract, general trading, agency, and agribusiness operational cooperation.
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