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Up land in Gorontalo Province widely 36% by totals area where planting for crops such as miaze. Maize besides as a second food matter so become a comodities establishment to Agropolitan Programe in Gorontalo Province. Until 2004 years, the maize production up to 700.401 ton or increase 164,79% from last years. But, many farmers to cultivation in land sloped without water and soil conservation. Therefore, the degradation and erosion is bigger and impacted to maize farming sustainibility and Agropolitan Programe while developing. In additional, 70% from 1,3 million hectare of Gorontalo Province wides are sloped area where extreamly and big probable for become erosion and sedimentation on fastly relative time. This area insite to E2 Agroklimatly Zone so it is a up land of dry climate with ustic moisture regim. The landform of this area is punggung sungai and river terrace, plat topographic to extreamly with dominantly land use are mix plantation. The ordo of soil are asosiation of Ultisol with parent materials is batuan kapur. The soil fertility status is low so needed strategy management for it. Mulcing and manure showing significant effect to maize production in countur cropping accord. The manure dosage that recomended are 10 ton/hectare and 9 ton/hectare for mulcing. Besides, the recomended for strip cropping are 2,5 ton/hectare for manure and mulcing are 9 to 12 ton/hectare. from production aspect, the countur cropping more effective than strip cropping. Although, from water and soil conservations the strip copping more effective than countur cropping. The conclusion of all that countur cropping more effective than strip cropping.
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