Writer / NIM
PEBRIANSAH / 321410130
Study Program
Advisor 1 / NIDN
NONNY BASALAMA, MA, Ph.D. / 0010036804
Advisor 2 / NIDN
DEWI DAMA, S.Pd., M.Ed / 0007087605
Abstract Pebriansah. 321 410 130. The title of skripsi is "Exploring Tenses Problem Encountered by High Achiever Students in English Writing" (a case study conducted at fifth semester students of English Department in Academic Year of 2014/ 2015). English Department, Faculty of Letters and Culture, Universitas Negeri Gorontalo. First advisor is Nonny Basalama, M.A.,Ph.D. and second advisor is Dewi Dama, S.Pd.,M.Ed. This study aims to describe the students' mistakes in tenses and to know reason for the mistakes that high achiever students made. This research used descriptive qualitative method in which there would be no numeric or statistical data but instead deep analysis based on the concern. The population are the students in academic year of 2014/ 2015 in particular registered in writing IV class while the samples are 15 students of 129 who had been chosen purposively. The source of data were students final project of writing IV which was in this case research proposals while the data were mistakes in students' composition. Based on the final result if this study, it was found that there were 167 mistakes made by high achiever students. The most common mistake was simple present tense which occured 145 times. The second most common was simple past tense which occured 6 times, then passive voice of present future and present future tense which occured 5 times for each, afterwards present perfect tense and passive voice of present tense which occured 2 times for each, and the lasts were past perfect, passive voice of past tense and present continuous which occured once for each tense. In addition, to the case of reason for the mistakes that students made, it was found that the biggest reason was about the absence of routine practice. Therefore, to this case, students must put their own primary initiative to learn more about tense whereas it is also hoped that lecturers could guide the students intensely. Finally, the researcher hopes that this research could be the worthwhile reference for any kinds of intention. Keywords: tenses problem, high achiever students, reasons for making mistakes, present tense.
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