Writer / NIM
RESA NADIA / 321417012
Study Program
Advisor 1 / NIDN
TITIEN FATMAWATY MOHAMMAD, S.Pd, M.App Ling / 0028127704
Advisor 2 / NIDN
- YUSNA BANTULU, S.Pd., M.A / 0004117804
Abstract Resa Nadia, 2022. NIM 321417012. An Analysis of Students� Cohesion and Coherence in Writing Argumentative Essay. English Department, Faculty of Letter and Culture, Universitas Negeri Gorontalo. Advisor (1) Titien Fatmawaty Mohammad, S.Pd, M.App Ling, (2) Yusna Bantulu, S.Pd., M.A. Cohesion and coherence are aspects of writing that serve the purpose of increasing the quality of writing. However, maintaining cohesion and coherence in a text becomes challenging for some students, particularly those who study English as a foreign language (EFL). Based on the preliminary observation of students in the English Department, this study found that the students had difficulty maintaining their cohesion and coherence components in their essays. Therefore, this study intends to investigate the cohesion and coherence components in students� argumentative essays. The analysis is based on components of coherence text by Oshima & Hogue (2006) that involve the cohesion components, such as grammatical cohesion and lexical cohesion. These components create the repetition of keywords, the consistency of pronouns, the transitional signal, and the logical order of the text. The object of the study was 16 argumentative essays written by the 4th-semester students of the English Department, Universitas Negeri Gorontalo, in the academic year of 2020/2021. The data were collected through documentation. Furthermore, the data were analyzed using the qualitative and quantitative approach by applied content analysis proposed by Denscombe (2014). The results show that the students� argumentative essays achieved a good level of applying cohesion and coherence components. It is demonstrated by the average of their score in applying those components accomplished 66.95%. The students utilized cohesion devices to build the coherence of their argumentative essay. They are familiar with the cohesion and coherence component but still have a limited understanding of the role of several items in the cohesion and coherence component. It includes the consistency of pronouns and the transitional word built by the reference and conjunction items. After all, it does not affect the final result because the appropriate cohesion and coherence components have appeared dominant. Keywords: Cohesion, Coherence, Argumentative Essay
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