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This study aims to (1) provide an appropriate picture of the implementation of the development of natural resource learning models through a scientific approach to a valid, practical and effective, and (2) To obtain a product that is a learning model of a natural material center through a valid, practical Scientific Approach and effective. This Research and Development ADDIE model consists of 5 stages, namely: (1) Analysis, (2) Design, (3) Development, (4) Implementation (5) Evalution. Data collection techniques using online questionnaires with consideration of the condition of the pandemic covid 19. The learning model of natural resource centers through the scientific approach developed is: (1) validity, where the Guidance Book Model of Learning Centers of Natural Materials through the Scientific Approach in Children has an average validity of 3, 40 (valid category), Semester Program has an average validity of 3.51 (very valid category), Weekly Learning Implementation Plan has an average validity of 3.47 (valid category), Daily Learning Implementation Plan has an average validity of 3, 76 (very valid category). (2) The practicality of the learning model, analyzed using the observation sheet the ability of teachers to manage learning obtained percentage of agreement of 100%, the average value of 4 teacher centers is in the category of "good" while for the observation sheet of teacher activities in the center of natural materials are in the category of "good" and (3) Effectiveness, where the Guidance Book Model of the Center for Natural Materials through Scientific Approaches to the Semester Program, Weekly Learning Implementation Plan, and Daily Learning Implementation Plan according to the teacher's assessment is said to be effective because ? 80% of teachers give positive responses " very good "that is 100% teachers. Keywords: Learning Centers, Natural Materials and Scientific Approaches
Ankara University Faculty of Education Department Primary Education
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