Abdul Hamid Isa
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ABSTRACT: This study aims to determine the Efforts to Improve the Capability of Kindergarten Principals in Carrying Out Teacher Performance Assessments through Guidance for Supervisors of Fostered Schools located in Kindergarten, Bongomeme District, Gorontalo Regency. The effort to improve the teacher's performance is to provide an understanding of the improvement in the quality of the teacher, and also to improve the welfare of the teacher so that there is an effort of the teacher in carrying out the duties and responsibilities as a teacher. The principal is a stakeholder who has the authority to assess teacher performance, thus through the guidance of the school supervisor produces guidelines that can provide knowledge and abilities to improve teacher performance. School action research data for the assessment cycle consists of 4 observed aspects consisting of 14 indicators of the total number assessed from 14 there are 9 indicators that have an average value of 64% for cycle I activities, of these 14 indicators can be described as follows, pedagogical aspects for 7 indicators of (57%) and personality aspects of (100%) and social aspects of 50% and professional aspects of 50%. Data in the first cycle of activities for evaluating the performance of school principals of kindergarten teachers assisted by Bongomeme District have not met the research target. This is certainly influenced by several issues namely: the principal is not very clear on several indicators from 4 aspects, especially pedagogical aspects, social aspects, and professional aspects, the principal has not been able to focus on evaluating teacher performance. KEYWORDS: Teacher Performance, Teachers and Principals
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