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15526 Mohamad Ikbal Bahua Turnitin Impact of Biological Fertilizers Based on Essential Bacterial Stimulants on Rice Growth and Production pdf 57
15527 Erman I. Rahim Turnitin Impact of Enforcing Sharia Regional Regulations During the Covid-19 Pandemic pdf 78
15528 Rusli Isa Turnitin Improve Community Income Through Community Empowerment Programs Joint Business Group (Kube) in Dumati Village, Telaga Biru District, Gorontalo District pdf 104
15529 Rustam Tohopi Turnitin Institutional Strengthening Strategy of Cocoa Farmer Group in Increasing Income of Cocoa Farmers in Pohuwato Regency, Gorontalo Province pdf 78
15530 Irwan Wunarlan Turnitin Irwan Wunarlan Evaluation of the Living Condition in Fishermen Settlement in the Coastal Area of Marisa City, Gorontalo Province pdf 55
15531 Irwan Wunarlan Turnitin Irwan Wunarlan The Morphology of Urban Agriculture of Marisa District, Indonesia pdf 76
15532 Irwan Wunarlan Turnitin Irwan Wunarlan Typology of Peri-Urban Area Based on Physical and Social Aspects in Marisa, Indonesia pdf 76
15533 Nikmawatisusanti Yusuf Turnitin Jurnal "Characteristics Jerky (yilepao) of Nike Fish Using Sweet Potato Flour (Ipomea batatas) as a Filler and Binder pdf 173
15534 Selvi Turnitin Jurnal "Implementation of Public Service Agency for Good University Governance" pdf 104
15535 Sitti Rachmi Masie Turnitin Jurnal "The Exploration Of Critical Reading Competence On Literary Works As Means Of Creative Writing Production pdf 115
15536 Andi Juanna Turnitin Jurnal: Analysis of Factors Affecting the Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises in Gorontalo Province, Indonesia pdf 122
15537 Faizal Kasim Turnitin Jurnal: Comparison of True Mangrove Stands in Dudepo and Ponelo Islands, North Gorontalo District, Indonesia pdf 111
15538 Andi Juanna Turnitin Jurnal: How To Entice Employees?: An Attempt to Reduce Labor Turn Over pdf 131
15539 Citron S. Payu Turnitin Jurnal: Implementation Of Fun Learning Through Mind Mapping Method In History Of Physics Course In Physics Education Department, Universitas Negeri Gorontalo pdf 79
15540 Selvi Turnitin Jurnal: Implementation of Public Service Agency for Good University Governance pdf 109
15541 Selvi Turnitin Jurnal: Mapping of Financial Literacy Levels of the People in Gorontalo City in Supporting the Policy of Financial Inclusion in Indonesia pdf 97
15542 Faizal Kasim Turnitin Jurnal: Physical Assessment of Coastal Vulnerability under Enhanced Land Subsidence in Semarang, Indonesia, Using Multi-Sensor Satellite Data pdf 169
15543 Andi Juanna Turnitin Jurnal: Potential Marketing Development of Traditional Food Business of South Sulawesi People pdf 125
15544 Faizal Kasim Turnitin Jurnal: Spatial and Temporal Distribution Phytoplankton in The Gorontalo Bay, Indonesia pdf 148
15545 Faizal Kasim Turnitin Jurnal: Suitable location map of floating net cage for environmentally friendly fish farming development with Geographic Information Systems applications in Lake Limboto, Gorontalo, Indonesia pdf 106
15546 Citron S. Payu Turnitin Jurnal: The Influence Of M-Learning Based Ryleac Learning Model Towards Students’ Character In SMA 1 State Senior High School In Gorontalo pdf 86
15547 Faizal Kasim Turnitin Jurnal: True Mangrove of North Gorontalo Regency, Indonesia, Their List, Status and Habitat-Structural Complexity in Easternmost Coast Area pdf 95
15548 Citron S. Payu Turnitin Jurnal: Use of Social Media Assisted Inquiry Learning Model pdf 135
15549 Dian Ekawaty Ismail Turnitin Legal Analysis of Gorontalo Urban Drainage Development Social Justice Perspective pdf 95
15550 Netty Ino Ischak Turnitin Liposomal Formulation of Snakehead Fish (Ophiocephalus striatus) Powder and Toxicity Study in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Model pdf 75