Zulaeha Laisa
- Ilmu Sosial
Since culture has had a strong relationship with religions and their rituals, the existence of human beings and their cycle of life where culture and rituals as parts of them has been discussed for over decades. One of the rituals is wedding ritual where this ritual is interesting to explore due to its huge numbers of cultural and religious philosophy particularly the wedding ritual in Islamic society such as people in Gorontalo City – an Islamic based city in Sulawesi, eastern Indonesia. The wedding ritual in Gorontalo is thought-provoking because this retual is the longest ritual which consists of several phases, Mopoloduwo Rahasia, Tolobalango, Depito Dutu, Mopotilandahu, Saronde Dance, and Akaji. Each and every phase of this ritual has its religious, cultural and moral values in it. Despite the importance of its values, traditional marriage customs in Gorontalo city that used to be a symbol of the viscosity of cultural elements in social life has shifted due to some reasons – rational, practical, fashionable and modernist way of thinking and way of life. Another thing is the length of wedding ritual costs more money that has been the trigger of the shift even this has been a social burden for certain groups of people. Regarding the crucial problem of weeding ritual shift in Gorontalo, this research was conducted through ethnography method to reveal the current condition of wedding rituals in Gorontalo and the perception of Gorontalo people towards the meaning of wedding rituals. Keywords: culture, ritual, religion, shift, wedding,
Universitas gadjah Mada Yogyakarta
Yowan Tamu, Zulaeha Laisa
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