Fory Armin Naway
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The focus of the current study is non-formal education and supply chain companies in Indonesia. The ultimate objective is to investigate that how non-formal education contribute towards supply chain management performance. Two major elements of non-formal education, namely; non-formal learning and non-formal training was considered. Additionally, supply chain company’s recruitment from non-formal educational sector was also considered. Four hypotheses were proposed concerning the relationship between learning, training, supply chain company’s recruitment, supply chain operations and supply chain management performance to approach the ultimate objective of the study. The cross-sectional research design was selected, and data were collected from the human resources (HR) employees of the supply chain companies in Indonesia. Three hundred (300) questionnaires were distributed through random sampling technique. After data collection, PLS (SEM) was used to test the hypothesis. It was found that, learning and training has significant positive relationship with supply chain company’s recruitment which has positive effect on supply chain operations. Finally, the better supply chain operations have positive contribution to enhance the supply chain management performance. This study has major contribution in the body of literature, as this is the first study which examined the relationship of non-formal education and supply chain management performance. This study will provide better grounds for supply chain companies to recruit their required staff from non-formal educational sectors. Keywords--- Non-formal education, learning, training, supply chain recruitment, supply chain operations, supply chain management performance.
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